Our Story

We are living in an age of massive sound possibilities for musicians. It is getting harder to stand out from the crowd, to find your own distinct sound. Luckily, we at SIGU are creating a new set of products that provides new opportunities for drummers to upgrade mass-produced drums. Something for drummer who are passionate about their groove and rhythm, the shape of their sound.

We - the creators of SIGU - are musicians with notable experience in drumming and product development. We have been manufacturers of wooden furniture and we have been drummers for even longer. This mix of our passions is now dedicated to creating a product that helps drummer and fits their lifestyles.

We make sure that our products are always tested in recording studios and live gigs, since we want to be certain that everything we make actually compliments our idea of functionality and aesthetics.

We consult and collaborate with the best musicians in Europe and our team members are excellent at product design, engineering and drumming.

SIGU helps to shape the sound of a professional drummer.

Joint the SIGU community!